Investor Program

The Canadian Immigrant Investor Program was created by the federal government of Canada to promote the immigration of business people and their families. It enabled qualified investors to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Under the program, successful applicants and their families received permanent and unconditional Canadian residential visas and were then eligible to obtain Canadian citizenship. With the passing of Bill C-31 on June 19, 2014, the program was terminated and undecided applications were cancelled.
The Canadian Immigrant Investor Program was one of the most popular investor immigration programs (IIP) in the world, but its requirements weren’t changed since its inception and it had become one of the least expensive ones. As of June 26, 2010, the qualification requirements were doubled and the program was briefly suspended while the new changes came into effect. The new updated program was reopened on December 1, 2010
At the time of termination, qualified investors needed to have at least two (2) years of business management experience; have a minimum net worth of CAD$1,600,000 (legally obtained); alone or with their accompanying spouse, make an investment of CAD$800,000; and meet certain health and security requirements.
It should be noted, that currently, the federal program has been eliminated. Many of the now-rejected applicants are banding together with the aim of taking legal action. Approximately 65,000 applicants were left hanging when the government announced it was axing the program

Business Investor Programs


Depending on your net worth, ability and willingness to invest in Canada, managerial skills and business acumen, investing in Canada could be a route to permanent residence.

If you’re looking to make an investment in the Canadian economy, the government of Canada, as well as certain Canadian provinces, present some enticing options.

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

    The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program accepts applications from international investors who possess the necessary skills and abilities to contribute to the Canadian economy and to become well integrated into Canadian society. To qualify, investors are required to have a net worth of $10 million and make a non-guaranteed investment of $2 million over 15 years, to be invested in innovative Canadian-based start-ups with high growth potential.

  • Quebec Investor Program

    The Quebec Investor category of Canadian immigration allows qualified immigrant investors to obtain a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa by investing CAD$800,000 risk-free through an approved financial intermediary or by financing that investment.

  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream

    The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B) is a stream which allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people with the intent and ability to reside in the province and make a significant investment in a new or existing business and hold an active managerial role.” Hi How are you. 

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